High School Counselors 


To be considered for a High School volunteer position you must have:

  • Completed the 10th grade​

  • Been a member in good standing in your high school orchestra program during the previous school year

  • Signed up to participate in your school orchestra for the  upcoming school year (or are a graduating senior)​

3 Step Application 

  1. Apply Online

    • Fill out the application by clicking the button in the teal box below.

  2. Schedule an Interview

    • You will choose a date/time in the online application​.

    • You can skip this step if you have been a counselor with us before.

  3. Teacher Recommendation

    • Have your parent/guardian sign the paper application.

    • Turn this form in to your school director.

    • Ask her to complete the student evaluation/recommendation at the bottom.  


  • If this is your first time applying you will be asked to schedule an interview time when you fill out your online application

  • Be sure to read the instructions regarding interview times/locations

  • Failure to attend/schedule an interview will disqualify your application

  • Be prepared to talk about how you can contribute to the success of the camp and what makes you a uniquely valuable candidate 

  • Returning counselors are not required to interview

All Applications are due 
Friday, March 27th